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Bob Petit Photography

graham smith

The Photography of Graham Smith
Photography gives me the experience of feeling close to the source.It is in discovering and creating images that make possible a deeper connection with the power, poetry and divinity found in nature. Although there may be many ways to synchronize with the rhythm of the universe, I have chosen to do it looking through a camera.


Wedding & Portrait Photography with Chea Barnes
I specialize in photographing people, including weddings, families, seniors, and fashion.
I love paying attention to todays trendy fashions and detail. I also enjoy simple creative ways to bring out the beauty that each person has within themselves.  website


Emerald Photographic Society
EPS is a local club that has been getting together for the last 40 years to share a love for slide, print, and digital photography. Regular meetings are held on the 1st - 4th Tuesdays of each month. The first meeting of the month is usually our slide competition and critique. You can find out more about our group by visiting our website.

greenhill Greenhill Humane Society
Some of my volunteer work has been done photographing animals at Greenhill Humane Society, on Greenhill Road in Eugene. Chea Barnes & I took some of their staff photos, including this one of Cary Lieberman, their Executive Director. Check out their website for ways to add a new family member to your household!
sarah woods Sarah Peterson
Sarah designed this website and teaches web development classes at Lane Community College in Eugene, Oregon. She own Kismet Design, a local web development company.She is learning to love photography and being in the outdoors behind a lense. Visit her website here...
Vincent Versace
A recipient of the Computerworld Smithsonian Award in Media Arts & Entertainment, Vincent Versace is a professional fine arts photographer with outstanding credentials. Additionally, Vincent is able to leap tall buildings in a single bound and on the weekends is a part-time super-hero and short-order cook. View Vincent's superb photography.
ruth Buttermilk Lane
Buttermilk Lane carries a totally unique line of artisan created one-of-a-kind jewelry using REAL FLOWERS, such as Forget-Me-Nots, Sweet Alyssum, Bridal Veil Spiraea, and other tiny flowers. Much of the jewelry is created from non-endangered wildflowers gathered along the roadsides, woods, and fields in western Maine. Email Ruth Wales .... Visit her website.
laurie excell Laurie Excell Nature Photography
"With thirty years of photographic experience under my belt I decided it was time to pursue my lifelong dream of traveling and photographing the natural wonders and wildlife of North America. In addition to my own travels, I work with Moose Peterson and Joe McNally as an instructor in Digital Landcsape Workshop Series around the country." ..Laurie's website
moose peterson Moose Peterson's Wildlife Research Photography
California's top endgangered species wildlife photographer provides photographers of all skill levels with numerous wildlife nature photography tips. Digital photography workshops are offered throughout the year around North America.
"no photograph is worth sacrificing the welfare of the subject" -Moose
Joe McNally
Described by American Photo magazine as "perhaps the most versatile photojournalist working today", Joe McNally shoots assignments for magazines, ad agencies, and graphic design firms all over the world. His website features a portfolio, special projects he is currently working on, and details of his available workshops.
Wendy Shattil & Bob Rozinski
Internationally recognized photographers, Wendy and Bob have worked as a team since 1981, compiling 350,000 stock images of nature and wildlife, many of which appear in their ten books and hundreds of other publications. From their website you can view their stock photography, galleries, excellent photography books, and information on their events, exhibits, and workshops.
Jerry Gowins
As a nature & wildlife photographer based out of Eugene, Oregon, Jerry Gowins offers photographic workshops to beginning and intermediate photographers. To his credit, he has contributed his photography to 3 book covers and more than 30 magazine, including the Traditional Bowhunter.
Tom Meyer
Tom Meyer is a professional freelance photographer based in Israel providing creative creative fine art and stock images for both commercial and editorial purposes. Tom is also well known for his black and white photography of people and desert landscapes.
Visit Tom's Website Here.